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Lesson 2: 360-Degree Client View of

Keep Tabs on Client Work

On your Work Tab you can find all ongoing work for your Client. Open the client page, and your whole team can track their progress.  You can also quickly add new work by clicking the + Create New button next to each Module.

In one place you can keep your Contacts up to date, see all Attachments sent to and from your client, and your payment history under InvoicesGive everyone visibility into your team's contacts and interactions, so your team can pick up where you left off. 

Within your Trial Account we’ve set you up with an Example Client, including examples of work you can perform for your Clients within Accelo.  Open this Client Page, and navigate over to their Work Tab. We will click through these examples of Ongoing Work in each of our next sessions, going over Sales, Projects, Tickets, and Retainers.

 Work Tab 2
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Capture your Client Interactions

Track all your customer interactions in Accelo. Emails, phone calls, and meeting notes are automatically linked to the appropriate client so they can easily be found by anyone on your team. 

Every time someone in your company emails a client, Accelo automatically captures your conversation, saving you time and giving you confidence to know what's going on. No more wondering if your teammate has heard back from a client, if the client has approved something, or how engaged your team. Simply open the Client page, and find everything you need.

Add your clients to your account, sync your Gmail or Exchange accounts, and any time you send or receive email from contacts you’ve added to your account, these emails will appear in both your personal email and Accelo inbox.

See your interactions with a certain Client on the Stream tab of their Client Page. Find every conversation related to their ongoing work, including any logged phone calls, meetings, and any logged time related to their projects, tickets, sales and retainers.  

Click Next to learn what is captured in email sync.

Keeping Emails Private

While Accelo will only capture emails sent to and from your client contacts, sometimes your conversations need to be treated sensitively. There are several ways to maintain your privacy and confidentiality with your clients.

Read more about email privacy and how to ensure that sensitive information isn’t visible to your colleagues.

What’s Captured in Email Integration?

Your Accelo account should be an accurate reflection of all of your current work.

We will only capture the conversations of contact email addresses that have been added to your account, because we only want to capture the conversations you have with current clients regarding your ongoing work.

The last thing you want is to have your stream start to fill up with irrelevant spam or personal conversations, so the way to prevent that is to make sure your contacts only include business contacts -- you don’t want your teammates to start reading personal conversations between you and your friends and loved ones

We will also never capture personal conversations between two users, unless it’s part of a Client email chain. The only conversation in your stream will be related to your current clients.  So if you email with another user and a client, you’ll see it on your stream. If you want to record user to user correspondence that happens to be about a client, you’ll want to leave a Note.

Click Next to learn more about reading and searching on your Stream.

Auto Contact Creation

When you start working with a client and receive an email from new contacts at the same company, make sure not to miss important email correspondence in Accelo.  Instead of adding each contact individually, utilize Auto Contact Creation in Accelo. This feature creates new contacts automatically when your team receive an email and the sender has an email address domain which is identical to an address already in Accelo.

Learn more and how to set up Auto Contact Creation here.

Navigating your Client Stream

View all of your team's client activity, displayed in a searchable news feed. The Activity Stream automatically captures, sorts and indexes client interactions in reverse chronological order. The searchable, filterable listing shows all of the email conversations and logged work between your team and your client.

Find the stream for all work completed on your account by clicking the Stream button in the Navigation bar.  Or you can find all the interactions for one of your clients, sales, projects, tickets or retainers by clicking the Stream tab on that particular page. Or you can Export your full stream directly from the List and Export button for easy searching and reporting. (Accelo List & Export Stream.png)

The Activity Stream orders the activities from the most recent to the oldest. You can scroll through each conversation or do a detailed search within the Search Bar.

See the details of the logged activity, including the related work it’s been logged against, and easily respond directly in the thread. To see more details on a particular activity, you can click on the Activity Name which will bring up all of the details of the conversation, including date created, when it was logged, or change the Visibility, or privacy, of the message.

Accelo Activity Stream

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