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Custom Fields for your Sales Module

Shape Accelo to match just what your business needs. Track key details, pick from lists of options to make reporting easier, and rid yourself of tracking details on spreadsheets by using our custom fields and custom profile fields.

Using this guide, you can:


Should I use a Custom Profile Field or a Custom Field?

Custom Profile Fields can be made available across many Module types, ie - Sales Types, Project Types, Ticket/Issue Types, etc. Profile Fields allow you to configure customized fields which apply to all records within that module, not just one of them.

  • So, for instance, if you have information you wish to populate across all modules (unified) such as certain services being offered, or client business hours, you would use the custom profile fields feature.

Custom Fields only apply to a specific type of project, ticket, sale, or retainer.

  • So, for instance, if you have a field which only needs to be recorded during a *certain* Sales Process, you should use the custom fields feature, found under that module's Progressions page.


Sales Custom Fields Example

Custom Fields are another important part of the business process tools provided by Accelo. They are similar to Profiles in that they are very configurable but they only apply to a specific Sale Type.

For example, if you have a Sale Type called "Enterprise Sales" which you use for tracking enterprise software sales, when you create a new sale record and select the "Enterprise Sales" sales type, you might need a field to record the "number of licenses". The easiest way to create this field is to add it as a custom field for the "Enterprise Sales" sales type.

Edit Sale Type 4 

If you create this as a Custom Field, then that will only appear under the specific Sales Type under which you set it up. In this example, “Number of Licenses” will only populate under the "Enterprise Sales" type.

If you require a field that will be consistent across all of your Sales Types, you can actually configure the same custom field for each type (ensuring it has the same name and options). You will always have an option to clone custom fields when creating new Sales Types. Accelo will combine these common custom fields into one column when using the Sales search filters.

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