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Lesson 3: Managing your Tickets of

Try it Yourself: Add a Budget

Add a Budget to your Ticket to set a billable rate for the work your team logs and/or add a time estimate for completing the work. By default your time will be based upon staff rates, but you can choose to add a standard rate and a estimated time of completion for real time cost comparison as staff complete their work.

Having a budget on a Ticket is optional. Budgets are especially useful if you invoice your Clients based upon pre-approved blocks of time, and bill for the hours quoted to your clients regardless of the work your team has completed.

Set the budget and rate when creating the Ticket, or add/edit the budget after creating the Ticket.

  1. Select Edit Budget on the left side of the Ticket View page.
    Edit Budget 2

  2. Choose the Rate of the Budget. Your options are: Staff Rates, Defined Rates, or Time Only. Staff Rate is your default.

  3. Choose the number of Hours to complete the Ticket (Optional)

  4. Choose the total amount of Money ($) that can be spent to complete the Ticket.

  5. Click Save.

Click Next to learn how to Log your Time.

Signoffs for Scope of work Extensions

Any time you need to do work for a client that is outside of your normal scope of work or what you originally agreed upon, you may want to create a Signoff to have your client or coworkers approve this work. Clients can track these types of extension requests directly within their Client Portals, so they can make comments, add attachments and approve work.

Learn more about Creating Signoffs.

Log your Time

Open a Ticket, add your Budget, and immediately start logging your time so you don’t lose track of the work you complete on the issue. Easily log your time as you work on a Ticket by adding an Activity to the Ticket, or start a Timer against the Ticket with the click of a button.

Click +Add New Activity (accelo.AddActivityButton.png) from the top left of your Ticket to start a new Note, Call, Email, or Meeting against the Ticket. When you log an Activity, a Timer will automatically start, which you can pause or adjust at any time. Log your team’s internal time as a Note.

Click Timer to start a Timer against the Ticket.
Timer button

The Timer will run at the bottom of Accelo, which you can pause, adjust, or save at any time. Once you’ve completed your timer, click the checkmark, and finish logging your work within a

Click Next to learn how to Progress your Tickets.

Desktop & Mobile App Timers

Use Timers on the go with either our Desktop Timer or Mobile Application.

Desktop Timer: Manage all of your timers with full sync to our web and mobile apps, with the convenience of a stand alone desktop app. Download here.

Mobile App & Apple Watch Timers: Use your phone to create, start and pause timers in the Mobile App, and watch them sync with the Web App like magic. Download here.

Progress your Tickets

Progress your tickets through Status changes and track how far along you are on a ticket.  Since you primarily will use Tickets for smaller pieces of work, Ticket Statuses are typically simple, such as “Open”, “Waiting for a Client”, and “Close”. Using Status Progressions helps standardize your workflows by making it clear which stage you are in the process. 


Easily make reports on the status of a ticket by setting a progress percentage for each status.

With an Accelo Premium account, set up automatic tasks and activities to save your company time through Progressions and Actions feature. Automatically send templated emails when you open or complete work on your ticket, create follow-up meetings and tasks, or update fields like the due date. Each automated action will be prompted automatically as you move to a different status, so your team will always know the next step and what to do.

If your tickets process differs based upon what you’re working on, create Ticket Types in Accelo to capture each of your processes. This premium feature allows you to set up automation so you can streamline your process. Your status progressions are specific to the Types of Tickets, making it easy to set up processes for the different kinds of work you do.

Click Next to learn how to Approve Work logged in Tickets.


Take the hassle out of keeping track of your work, your time and your client relationships with Triggers. Harness the power of knowing what's going on with client work, and then take action automatically with your Triggers & Notifications.

Automatically escalate a request or ticket - automate sending reminder emails, changing status, or changing ticket priority - if the ticket is over a certain age or hasn't had any work done on it yet. Triggers allow you to configure rules which trigger business processes automatically - whether it is sending an email reminder, updating the status of your work, or escalating a request to a ticket.

Approving Work logged in Tickets

Approving work is a vital part of completing work for many Managers, and is a tool available for Premium users. Our Approve Work tool allows you to review all activities and time recorded against a Ticket, and ensure that all rates and billable time has been entered correctly.

Confirm that all work completed against a Ticket is accurate before approving it, in order to ensure that you bill your clients properly.

To get to the Approval Screen, click More (accelo.ProcessButton.png) and select Approve from the drop-down list.

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