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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

View, Edit & Complete Tasks

Task management slowing you down?

View your Tasks to keep track of all the ongoing work you and your teammates have to ensure that all work is completed on time and that time is logged accurately. Edit your Tasks in order to reassign the manager or assignee, update your Task Status, change your start or due dates, or to add a budget. Complete your Tasks when all time and work have been logged in order to let the Task Manager know that the job is done, before you move on to the next Task.

Using this guide, you can:

View a Task

Viewing Tasks is vital to keeping track of the work you have been assigned, so there are a variety of ways to find a Task and view it.

To view a task by Searching:

  1. In the Search bar, start typing Tasks. You can press tab to auto-fill, then search, once the option appears. 
  2. Enter keywords of the Task you are searching for, or enter a company name to see all Tasks associated with it.


To view a task on the Task Board:

  1. View your Task Boards by clicking on the Tasks button on the Navigation bar at the top of Accelo. Clicking Assignee will take you to a customizable list of Tasks sorted by who they are assigned to. Clicking Deadline will show all of the Tasks assigned to you sorted by Due Date. Clicking Status will sort your Tasks by their status, Pending, Accepted, Started, or Completed. Learn more about the Task Board.

  2. Click on the Name of the Task you wish to view.

To view a task on your Schedule:

  1. Click on the Schedule button on the Navigation bar. Select My Schedule from the drop-down menu.

  2. Scroll to the Schedule Work section.

  3. Click on the Name of a Task you wish to view. They are in order by their due date, soonest to furthest away.

To view a task on the Tasks Stream of a page:

  1. Go to any company or project page and click on Tasks.

  2. Click on the Name of a Task you wish to view.



Edit a Task

When viewing a Task, the full Task Details will be visible. The Activity history will be available for you to see every activity logged on the Task. You can also see the description in case there were more details or instructions provided. The Task Manager is also shown on the top right.

Details you can edit on a task include:

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  1. Status: The Status of the Task, to show where it stands. From Pending to Accepted, Cancelled, or Completed and otherwise.

  2. Assignee: The primary individual assigned to complete the Task. Generally this should be the individual in charge of logging most, if not all of the work on the task.

  3. Manager: Pending personal settings, they can be notified of all activities on the Task, as well as edit details. This role is for those who would oversee, but not necessarily work on the Task.

  4. Creator: While this particular portion is not something you can edit, it is good to keep track of who created these Tasks for auditing purposes.

  5. Dates: While the Start and Due date can be set when you create the task, they can also be edited after the task is created and started.

  6. Booking: You can see and add/edit the scheduled work currently booked to your users. When more than one person needs to work on a Task, we recommend using the booking feature.

  7. Budget/Time Estimated: The estimated time it would take to complete the Task. Logged/Remaining work will show in the bars below.

  8. Tags: Add Tags for superficial flagging for filtering on your Task Lists. 

  9. Skills: Add Skills required for the Task to be able to quickly map out skill-required Tasks to the appropriate users who have those Skills.

  10. Description: Add more details or instructions about the Task as necessary.

  11. Add a Timer: Have a timer running at any time while you are working on a task to log time accurately for billing.

  12. Log Time: Have a modal to log time immediately pop up to make a quick time entry.

  13. Add an Activity: Create an activity to log time and show work you have completed on a task.

  14. List and Export: View a list of all the activities logged against this task, with an option to export it in a spreadsheet.

  15. Attachments: View your attachments on the Task.


Complete a Task

Keep track of the tasks you’ve completed in order to ensure that all of your work is accurately shown and time is logged correctly. Completed tasks are essential to your team’s work and communication.

To understand how to Complete a Task, learn how to Manage Your Task Status.

Pause a Task

Have an unexpected priority come up, causing your Project Plan to be put on hold? Utilize the pause task feature for your milestones & tasks to ensure that your plan doesn't go awry!

Pausing a task will actually ensure auto-scheduled and committed time for that task will be cleared from the assignee's schedule (plus any other users who had time committed to that task). The time remaining on the task won't be removed though - just hidden away until the task is resumed.

To pause a Task, simply click on the Task to open the full Task details, then click Pause in the Status bar.

Pause 234

To resume the Task, simply hit the Resume option in the Status bar.

NOTE: Pausing a Task will remove the Committed Time on that Task. Once the Task is re-activated, the time will need to be returned as auto-scheduled time.

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