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End of the Billing Cycle

Need a solution to manage your complete invoicing cycle?

Now that you've come to the end of the billing cycle, you'll need to begin creating invoices for the work you've done. There are quite a few ways to do so. 

Using this guide, you can see all the different tools you can use for EOM invoicing including:


Timesheet Report

The Timesheet Report offers a date-focused roll-up of all time entries made during the chosen period, and filtered in one of four ways:

  • Staff - All time entries which have been logged, sorted by the person who logged them.
  • Projects - All time entries which have been made under a Project or Component.
  • Clients - All time entries which have been logged, sorted by the client they were logged under.
  • Tickets - All time entries which have been logged under Tickets.

This allows you to oversee all the work (time logged) that has been done by the team based on one of the groups above. These reports can then be exported into Excel format to provide additional detail to your clients or to figure averages and do a bit of forecasting.

Approve Work

Before you go into an invoice, a Project Manager would want to generally make sure all time logged is accurate before billing (as they will be ultimately responsible). We recommend they utilize the Approve Work tool to do so. This will allow you to approve each and every time entry is designated at the correct rate, amount of time, billable or non-billable hours, and in the correct location.

Since the Approve Work tool is a bit different for each module, we have separate help guides for each:

Standard Invoicing

Utilizing Accelo, you may have to bill for Projects, Tickets and different sorts of Retainers. Certain Clients may have specific requests on how to bill or you may have a standard process (Deposits, Net 30, Net 60). 

We strongly recommend setting up multiple Invoice Templates to make this process a lot easier. These invoice templates can be based off quite a few options. For building them for the end of the Billing Cycle, you have options to bill for time logged in certain generic time frames (since the first of the month, last month, etc).

We also have several help guides on each separate module to take a deep dive:

Bulk Invoicing

At the end of your billing cycle, you may have several Clients with even more Billable Work (Projects, Tickets, Retainers). We have a tool, Bulk Invoicing (also known as Company Billing), that is ideal for when you have a lot of clients to bill for a lot of work. You can filter and search through all of your Clients and all of the work done for them, to find the specific types of work you want to invoice for. Use the Bulk Invoice wizard to quickly create and send invoices to all of your clients!

Even if you don't want to use the Bulk Invoicing tool (and just want a general idea of what Objects to look at), it is also a good way to see all the Projects, Tickets and Retainer Periods you should be billing for. You can run filters to find out how many of each Object should be billed for based on Company. 

To learn more about Bulk Invoicing and its powerful functionality, click here

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