Develop and improve your sales forecasting, sales planning, and improve your sales performance by customizing your sales probability fields

Using this guide, you can:

Customizing your Probabilities

Probabilities are a great way to identify how likely you are to win each sale. Pre-program your probabilities to auto-populate when you change from one status to another, saving your Sales team unnecessary administrative time. 

To customize your Probabilities:

  1. Click on the Module Button, and choose Configuration. 

  2. Choose Sales, and open the Probability page.

  3. To remove unused probability options - Use the delete button, found next to each unused option.  Note - if you do not see the recycling bin icon, this means its in use. You cannot delete a probability option once it has been used..

    Sale Probabilities

  4. Edit existing probability options - Existing probabilities can be renamed by clicking the probability’s title.

  5. Add new probability options - Additional probability options can be added via the Add Probability button.

  6. The Value is used as a the percent likelihood that you will win your sale.  i.e. a Definite sale is 100% likely to be won.

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