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How do I Convert a Work Object's 'Type'?

Each of the Accelo work objects are created with a Type, for example, Project Type. The work objects Type is used to configure any Statuses, Progressions, Default Values, Triggers, Custom Fields, etc. However, from time to time you may create a Project with the wrong type, for example, Internal Work, when it should have been Client Work. Thankfully it is possible to convert the type. 

The methodically for each work object is the same, in this example, I will convert a Project. 

1. Open up your work object to the view Page. 

2. Locate More > Convert To Type > Click the Type you would like to convert the Project into. 

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to set any specific values that the new type requires, as per the configuration. For example, Custom Fields, click Save

4. The Project has now been converted to the selected type. 

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