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Create a Request (Android)

Create requests directly in Accelo on behalf of clients on the go.

Note: You must have Accelo’s Android app downloaded first.

Using this guide, you can:

What is a Request

The Request Queue serves as your central queue for client inquiries. In most cases, this acts similar to a client sending emails to your support@, info@ or [email protected]. Your Support, Admin and Sales’ team can work together out of one inbox in resolving all requests emailed to you by clients, allowing you to prevent forgotten emails or doubling up on your work. You can create Requests for your separate teams for clients through your iOS app.

There are quite a few use cases for this feature on mobile:

  • Reminder to follow up from a chat at an event
  • Taking a phone call for a separate team
  • Reporting an issue when on-site with a client

For more information, check out our help resources.

Creating Requests in the Android App

When you're on the go, you want to be able to create these Requests to action them when you get back or for your team back at the office.

Creating Requests in the Android App is simple:

  1. Click on the + icon in the bottom right of any screen - you'll see a new option for Request at the bottom of the list.

    New Request 2
  2. Search for a contact to create the request for.
    Accelo will search the database of all of your clients in real-time for any contacts it can match. The search engine looks for matches against company name, contact name (first and last), email address and even phone number.

  3. If the contact isn't already in Accelo, you can click "Add New Contact" and enter the basic details for the account. The only required fields are "Firstname and Company" or "Firstname and Lastname".

  4. Choose the request type/queue, and enter the other details about the request. You can even include a picture you snap with your smartphone, or a file you've already saved to it (like a picture taken previously).

  5. Save the request.
    This will create the request and send the notifications out to any staff who are set to be notified. Note that the auto-reply feature is ignored for requests created by you and your colleagues, since you're not actually "replying" to an email from the client.


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