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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Managing your Day to Day

It is important to create a routine that you can continually improve upon. Each individual may have different focuses - Overseeing Work and/or Logging Time. For most Users, it could be both. Below, are suggestions of  different routes and combinations of how you can manage your daily tasks in Accelo.

Ultimately, you have to know how to:

NOTE: The information below assumes you’ve completed the setup checklist from guide #1 and read through the different tools provided.

Scenario #1 - Determining What Needs to be Done

Task Board

Across every main Object in our system, tasks are assigned to different individuals. The Task Board can be incredibly useful for most resources, and is a great way to make sure your team members are  managing their work on a deadline or status basis. An Important feature to note is the ability to drag and drop different task cards on the Task Board, and log time directly from that screen.


If you and/or your team create different saved filters, you can easily go through and find a list of objects you should focus your attention on.

On the List screens, there are different visual data such as, “Last Contact”, “Status”, and “Priority”, which can help identify which objects deserve the most attention.


Scenario #2 - Logging Time at End of the Day

You may have back to back meetings and responding to emails all day. Logging time might be an after-thought, or the last thing on your plate. The Daily Timesheet is ideal for logging time after the event or work has occurred, at a time that is most convenient for you.

It is important to remember that all your emails, scheduled/external meetings and time you’ve logged is already on this Daily Timesheet.

Daily Timesheet Reminders:

  • Make sure all your emails have time logged
  • Make sure all your scheduled / external activities have reports / time logged
  • Make sure everything has been relocated to the correct object.

Scenario #3 - Identifying What Has and Hasn’t Been Logged

You may find the Weekly Timesheet useful at any point of the week such as identifying what has been done, what objects [emails, calendar invites, tasks] are missing logged time, and some suggestions for your review.

Ultimately, you will be encountering these scenarios on an ongoing basis. Each routine can be changed based on your role and taste, and determining your own preferences can help establish a routine that can be beneficial for you and your team.

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