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Is your invoicing cycle out of control?

When a payment is recorded in Accelo, one receipt is registered. This receipt will list all invoices to which the payment was allocated.

Using this guide, you can:

Find your Receipts

To find a receipt, simply locate the invoice (View Invoice), and then under the Invoice Items tab in the Payments section, click the receipt number. An invoice may have more than one receipt.


Click the receipt number to view the receipt details. The details are based on the details entered when the payment was recorded. However, you can modify some of the receipt details after the fact by clicking Edit Receipt.


  • Method - you may update the receipt method at any time.
  • Reference - enter or change the receipt reference as needed.
  • Received - modify the date payment was received.
  • Owner - adjust the receipt owner.


Receipts from integrated accounting systems

If Accelo is integrated with an online accounting system then you must record payment inside that system. The sync process that occurs regularly (as part of the integration) will pull back this payment information and will register a receipt inside Accelo.

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