The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Add an Activity

Log your work as you complete it within the Accelo app, so you can work on the go!

Using this guide, you can:


Add a new Activity

Create Activities quickly using the + button at the bottom right of the screen.

Plus sign 2 Select Activity from the pop-up list.

Create Activity 2 A new window will pop up with a form to create a new Activity.


Types of Activities

As in the main Accelo platform, there are five types of Activities: Note, Email, Meeting, Call, and Postal. By default, the new Activity will be an email, but you can easily switch tabs to log another type of Activity. A Timer will also automatically start at the bottom of the form, which you can pause or edit as necessary by clicking on it, or switch from Billable to Non-billable time by clicking on the Billable icon.

Note - You will be required to choose an object within Accelo to log the Activity Against, such as a Company, Contact, Sale, or Project.


Create Note 2Create a Note to save an internal message about an object within Accelo. Notes are useful if you would like to check in with a coworker, or simply if you want to make note of new information you have learned about a client or project. Notes are also a good way to log time for the work you've done.


Create Email 2

Send an email to a Contact to update them on the work you're doing for them! First, enter a Company name in the Against bar, and you will then be able to search for a Contact's name.


Create a Meeting 1 
Create a Meeting between yourself and any number of other users or Contacts. This is the only Activity which will not automatically start a Timer, as the time will be logged afterwards when you Report on the Meeting. Choose an object to log the Meeting Against, and enter the names of Contacts or Users in the Attendees bar. Choose the dates and times of the Meeting, and be sure to select "Send email invitation to all the attendees" so that they will know about the meeting and have it appear in their external calendar and Timesheet.


Create a Call Log a Call with a Contact to keep track of what transpired during that call, as well as the time you spent on the call. Log the Call Against an object, and choose the name of the Contact you spoke with. If necessary, you can also select the phone number you called. Enter any notes about what was discussed during the call for your records, and enter the amount of time that was spent on the call.

Once you have completed all details of the Activity you wish to log, click the Save button to save the Activity.

Save Activity 2

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