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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

How to Create a Quote

Easily Set Milestones, Budgets, Durations & Dependencies

Create a quote like you’d plan a project - build an estimate of your services and materials using a Gantt-chart interface, and after approval your quote can then be transferred to a project plan for an efficient client delivery cycle.

Using this guide, you can:

How to Create a Quote in Accelo in 4 Easy Steps

Easily create a quote from a couple of different places within the Sales page.

To create a quote:

  1. The first option is to click the Create Related drop-down button and select the Quote option.

    2017 12 19 21 03 57

  2. Alternatively, under the Quotes section in the left column, and click the Add a Quote button.

  3. Fill out your Quote Details: Give your Quote a Title, Quote Manager, and Quote Template.

    2017 12 19 19 07 27

  4. Click Create Quote.



Add Quote Details

When you create a quote, you will be taken to the Quote Overview Page

See quick details of your quote in the left column, very similar to the Sales Page. And right across the center you will find a step by step guide when creating each quote.  

Create a Quote Estimate

List your Quote's service items and any necessary materials. Sum up your estimate total in one place.

To create an Estimate: 

  1. Click the Add Estimate button.

    Add Estimate button

  2. Since your Quote can be converted into a Project Plan, we recommend building out and inserting a Project Template into your Quote. This will help to save time and never duplicate your efforts. Learn about Creating Project Plans.

  3. Click Save & Exit.

Creating Estimate Plan 123

Now as you come back to the Overview page, you will see the Estimate nicely outlined under your Estimate Tab.

Edit Quote Content

Write up the content for any introductions, conclusions, and terms and conditions. We know that when it comes to the content, each quote is going to be a little different each time so you can enter the right information before you send the estimate. However, you can have all of this predefined by your Quote Template.

To edit your Quote Content: 

accelo.quote edit content

  1. Click the Edit button under Edit Content.

  2. Add descriptions and content under each header:

    Edit Quote Content 1
    • Quote Title - Enter a name for your quote, typically representing the name of the project you plan to perform for the customer.

    • Introduction -  An overview section of the context of the quote; for example, this section might introduce your company, state how this project came about, and list who the client should contact regarding the project.

    • Conclusion - Generally used as a summary section for scope of work, time frame, payment, and so forth.

    • Terms & Conditions - Summarize and define necessary relevant terms such as parties, warranty/indemnity, delivery term, liability, etc.  

      NOTE: Changing the Quote Template after a Quote's creation will not cause the new Template's content to auto-fill. The content from the original Template will remain until changed.


Preview and Publish Quote

Put the final touches on your Quote. The simplest step is to configure the PDF and put the final touches on the estimate before you send it to your client for approval. Note that you can also predefine these options in your Quote Template

To Preview and Publish your Quote: 

accelo. quote preview and publish

  1. Click Preview & Publish Quote button.

  2. Edit the PDF. Choose what to roll-up and and display in regards to the PDF that will generate. For more details on what each option does click here.

  3. Once you're satisfied with what appears on your quote, you can choose to:

    • Publish the quote - This will lock the details in place. With this option, you'll have to manually send the quote out to your potential client.

    • Publish & Send - This will lock the quote details in place, and present you with an email form which can be used to instantly send the quote to your client.  The form will use your quote template's email template by default, but can be edited before sending.  This prompt will also include two additional options:

      quote send

Include PDF - A copy of your quote will be attached to the email in PDF format.

Include Client Portal Link - Your email will include a link for your client to view the quote in your Client Portal. There they will be able to discuss the quote with you, as well as approve the quote electronically.

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