Import Your Data from a CSV File

Using Accelo's CSV import tools, you can import a wide variety of data, including:

  • Import Companies and Contacts from CSV
    Mass import your client and contact lists into Accelo to add a large amount of contacts to your system at once, or make a mass edit update to your existing clients lists. When you keep all of your contacts in Accelo you have the benefits of things like central access across your team, address book sync with colleagues and automatic email capture.
  • Import Sales from CSV File

    Before you start the import process, you should review your CSV file to discover whether you need to create custom or advanced fields to help match the data recorded in the file. These custom fields may be either profile fields or segmentation fields. 


    Running the Import

    1. Click your Username Admin to access the administrators settings.
    2. Select the Imports & Exports section, click Sale CSV.

    Accelo Sale

    Next, you'll be shown the import process:

    Screen Shot 2015 11 16 at 9.24.59 AM

    1. First step is to select the file.
    2. Select the number of contacts per row within the CSV file - normally only one customer per row.
    3. Select the number of addresses per row. For example if there is both a physical and postal address per contact then you would have two addresses per row.
    4. Decide to overwrite the status of the client if they already exist within the system.
    5. Select the default country should the country not be specified within the file.
    6. The fields after this are default segmentations, such as Industry, Gender and Size. For each of these segmentations you need to select how many columns in the CSV these values are given. If you do not wish to use these segmentations in the import you can simply leave 'None' selected.
    7. Click Import Data when ready.

    Match Import Fields

    Screen Shot 2015 11 16 at 9.28.12 AM
    This step matches the headings from the CSV file to fields in Accelo and any custom fields that you may have set up previously.

    1. Automatically some import fields will be pre-selected based on the column headings. This is to make the importing process faster and easier for you.
    2. Review each field and use the dropdown -Select Import Field- to match them to the correct fields.
    3. Enter any default values i.e. if some fields are blank, there may be a value you would prefer it to contain rather than being blank. This is especially important for the status field.
    4. Use the Alternate Field option to specify a secondary column to import from in the case of the primary column being blank.
    5. If a drop-down appears beside a field name, it indicates that it supports multiple values. You will need to indicate which character to use as a separator (or delimiter) within the cell.
    6. When you are finished, click Next.

    Verify Import Fields

    This step is to ensure that the fields have been mapped together correctly. At the top of the page, there will be next and previous buttons to allow you to scroll through the data and ensure that all the fields have been mapped correctly. If the data is correct then click Import Data at the bottom of the page, or Back if there has been an error.

    Import Results

    Depending on the size of your file, this process may take a few minutes. When the process is complete you'll be given the option to download the results.

    Note that even if there was no warnings or errors all three result files are generated.

    The process avoids duplicate companies and clients. Therefore, if the client already exists it will update the details. Likewise if there's multiple copies of the company within your files, the details of the later version will be saved.

    If there's still duplicate contacts in the system, you can manually clean them up through merging.

  • Import Project Templates from CSV File
    When you set-up a project in Accelo, you can define a project plan which consists of one or more project milestones. An admin user can make a default pick-list of milestones by configuring the milestone templates. However, to save you time, you could import a file which lists your basic milestones.
  • Import Materials and Services from CSV File
    Put in all the Materials & Services you use through a Spreadsheet to save on accounting overhead.
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