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Filter, sort and export your data so you can have instant and powerful insights into clients, sales, projects, staff, work and much more.

Using this guide, you can:

Customized Searches through Filters

Filters are a customizable search criteria that can greatly reduce the number of clicks involved in displaying records. If you wanted to see a list of companies and know who they are managed by, when they first joined and their status', then a filter is what you would use. 

You will generally find your list of filters on the top of a list. For example, these are the filters available on the Companies List.


Some of the common filter options which appear, depending on what module list you are on, are:

  • Created: This filter is used in case you want to filter results based on the date they were added to Accelo.


  • Manager: This filter is used to sort by the Manager/Owner of the object in question.


  • Against: Filter by the type of object that an Activity is logged against.


  • Due: Filter by what is going to be due in the coming/past weeks.


  •  Start: Filter by what is going to start in the coming/past weeks.


  • Status: Filter by the current progression/status. Handy when you want to look up things based on lead, interest, or otherwise.


  • Tags: Filter by Tags.


  • Type: This filter is used if you've created a Progression type for the Object (Sales, Projects, etc.), you can sort out by that specific type.


  • More: This filter is where most of your other fields will be listed. Select another filter to choose from, and it will populate on the page for you to choose. Any Custom Field created will be nested under this More filter.


Note: You can always save your filtered searches by clicking on 'Save As' above the filters.

List Sales2 

You can load them up either by going to your Saved Filters on the top of the screen next to the Search Bar, or by going to your bookmarks.  


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