Integrating Accelo with NinjaRMM

Accelo's NinjaRMM integration offers a convenient tool for streamlining the way in which you manage your clients' Devices and Alerts through NinjaRMM by syncing your Devices, Alerts, and Organizations with Accelo. Using Accelo, you can consolidate your client details, device database, project management, ticketing, and billing system into one portal, tracking and responding to Alerts instantly as they arise in NinjaRMM, and tracking your time in Accelo. 

Using these guides, you can:

Connecting Your Accelo and NinjaRMM Accounts

The NinjaRMM integration can be made from either your NinjaRMM or Accelo account.  Both connections offer the same features.

Connecting From Accelo

As an Administrator in Accelo, navigate to the Integrations page.

 integrations link2

Select the NinjaRMM tab from the left, then click the green "Connect your deployment to NinjaRMM" button.

ninjarmm connectEnter your NinjaRMM account's Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.  To create a new set of keys in NinjaRMM, navigate to Configuration -> Integration -> API and click Generate API Key, or navigate directly to



Connecting From NinjaRMM

 From your NinjaRMM account, navigate to Configuration -> Professional Services Automation (PSA) -> Accelo


You'll then be prompted for whether you already have an Accelo account:

  • Yes: You'll be prompted to log in to your existing Accelo account, and authorize the integration.
  • No: You'll be prompted to sign up for a new Accelo trial account.  Your new trial account will then be connected to NinjaRMM automatically.


What information syncs between Accelo and NinjaRMM?

Accelo syncs three types of record with NinjaRMM - Organizations, Alerts and Devices.  In Accelo, these records are called Companies, Requests and Assets by default.  These names are customizable.

The integration offers a one-way sync for Organizations and Devices, and a two-way sync for Alerts.


The following details are synced for each record:

Organizations <> Companies

NinjaRMM Organization Field Accelo Company Field
Name Name
 Description Comments

Alerts <> Requests

NinjaRMM Alert Field Accelo Request Field
Description Subject & Description
Triggered Date Description
Affected Device Linked Asset
Triggered/Reset Status

Devices <> Assets

NinjaRMM Device Field Accelo Asset Field
Name Title
Organization Linked Company
Display Name display_name
DNS Name dns_name
Last Login last_logged_in_user
 Last Online last_online 
 Last Update  last_update
 URL  ninja_url
 Policy  role
Agent Type  type
Agent Sub-Type  sub_type
 Teamviewer Remote Control Link  Ninja Device Remote Control

Tickets submitted via the NinjaRMM Agent are not synced with Accelo

When does information sync between Accelo and NinjaRMM?

 Accelo syncs new information with NinjaRMM automatically via a webhook system when certain events occur.  The sync is then processed instantly, and includes all of the details mentioned above.

These are the events which will cause information to sync with NinjaRMM


  • New Alert is Triggered in NinjaRMM
  • Full Import is Triggered Manually from the Integrations page


  • New Alert is Triggered in NinjaRMM
  • Existing Alert is Reset in NinjaRMM
  • Existing Request is Closed in Accelo
  • Existing Request is Converted in Accelo


  • New Alert is Triggered in NinjaRMM
  • Full Import is Triggered Manually from the Integrations page

Importing From NinjaRMM

Once you've connected your Accelo and NinjaRMM accounts, the first thing you'll want to do is import your Organizations, Devices and Alerts from NinjaRMM.  Accelo offers two options for configuring the import:

Accelo recommends using a separate Request Type for NinjaRMM alerts so that you can create more specific auto-replies for your clients, and quickly differentiate between client support requests, and automated monitoring alerts.

Importing Ninja Customers into Accelo Clients & Contacts

If we can't find an Accelo Company that exactly matches the Ninja Customer
If we can't find an exact match for the Ninja Customer when we import them, then we'll create a new Company and Contact in Accelo. Since Ninja doesn't try to be a CRM, we will "make up" a contact firstname and lastname - we encourage you to rename the contact at your leisure in Accelo.

If we can find find an Accelo Company that exactly matches the Ninja Customer
If we can find an exact match between the Accelo Company and the Ninja Customer/Device, the Contact for the Accelo Asset that gets created is set to the Company's Primary Contact. 

If you had a similar Accelo Company prior to importing, and now you have a duplicate
If you end up with some duplication in Accelo, you can confidently Merge the company records together on the Accelo side. We will remember the linkage/ID to Ninja, so future imports of Alerts or updated to Assets will continue to work even if you merge the Ninja-linked Accelo Company into an existing Accelo Company.

If you want to change the Accelo Company name (for invoicing purposes, etc)
Since the naming of a Customer in Ninja is generally for internal purposes, you might find that the Customer name you chose isn't the one you want to show on an invoice (eg, Acme in Ninja vs Acme LLC in Accelo). In this case, simply rename the customer in Accelo.


Importing Ninja Devices into Accelo Assets

A new Asset Type will be created in Accelo
To ensure that the detailed information in NinjaRMM is made available in Accelo, a new Asset Type will be created for NinjaRMM Devices.  This Type will include additional custom fields and field grouping to neatly organize the data which you have collected for each device. 



Remotely Control Your Devices Through TeamViewer

Quickly address your clients' needs by immediately accessing their Devices when an alarm is triggered, using your TeamViewer integration!  

To enable remote control through Accelo, all you need to do is enable the TeamViewer integration in NinjaRMM, and import your devices into Accelo.  If TeamViewer has been enabled for the device in NinjaRMM, then it will automatically appear in Accelo.  

Authentication for logging in to your devices remotely is controlled via your permissions in NinjaRMM


The remote control link for Alerts can be found at the top of the Alert



The remote control link for individual Devices can be found under the Organization's name.

assetTickets, Projects, Companies and more!

You can also quickly control the Devices which you're working on when you're working on Tickets, Projects, and more!  Simply select the Linked Devices tab to view all of the Devices related to that Organization or Ticket, and click the remote control link!

linked devices

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