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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Recurring Retainer Tasks

Struggling to manage contracts & ongoing services?

Ongoing work means recurring tasks, whether you are doing monthly optimization for an online marketing campaign as an agency, or quarterly reporting and filing as an accountant, being able to automate your tasks both saves you time and increases the consistent quality of your work.

Using this guide, you can:


Recurring Tasks

If you've configured a retainer to automatically create new periods, then any tasks on the period template will also be created. This is the mechanism for creating recurring tasks.

To add/change the tasks that recur with each newly generated period:

  1. View the retainer and click Edit from the taskbar, and choose Edit Retainer.


  2. Scroll down until you see the Template Tasks section. Click Add Task Template.

    Add Task Template



Understanding Task Templates

Task Templates can be configured much like regular tasks, however, there are some additional options. We'll go through everything here.


Create Task Template 

  • Title: This is the name/title of the Task.
  • Assignee: This is the Assignee of the Task, the one responsible for the work done on the Task. It is not uncommon for the Manager and Assignee to be one in the same for a Task.

  • Start date will be: The start date of the Tasks. These dates can be dependent on the Period dates or be defined manually. 

  • Due date will be: This is the due date of the Tasks. These dates can be dependent on the Period dates or be defined manually. 

  • Task Rate: This is the unique rate that will be applied to work placed under this Task. You can have it default to the Retainer rate.
  • Skills: These are the Skills you would filter/match up with your Users to allocate the work from pages like Team Scheduling.
  • Tags: Miscellaneous tags you can enter ad-hoc to filter for your Tasks or report on them.
  • Description: This is the description/summary of your Task. On the notifications of the creation and assignment, this description will carry into the notification message.
  • Status: The starting status of your Task.
  • Task Time: The allotted/budgeted amount of time to complete the Task.
  • Checklist: Add a checklist for this task template.

Once created, these Tasks will be generated with each new Period, effectively allowing you to automate recurring Tasks.

Remove Recurring Tasks

There may be times when you need to make a change to your Retainer or Period Tasks. You can edit them at any time, which provides the options discussed  

To remove recurring tasks:

  1. From the Edit retainer/period screen you can add more tasks, edit the existing tasks, or delete them.

  2. To delete, click the trash icon button on the task line.

    Remove Task Template


Note -  If you are editing the tasks for a specific period, so these changes will not affect the tasks generated for future periods. If you are editing tasks for the Retainer, these won't affect any prior existing periods.

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