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Payment Statuses

Accelo Payments helps streamlines the payment process by automatically charging your clients for their Accelo invoices.  The Payment Status makes it easy to keep track of exactly where your invoice stands in the automatic payment journey by providing a simple, straightforward status. 


Review Invoice Payment Status

Once your merchant application has been approved, Accelo will automatically track the Payment Status of all your invoices.  The Payment Status can be found on the invoice page, on the left-hand side.

Payment Status is not currently available in the invoices list.

Payment Statuses

All Accelo invoices will fall under one of these statuses.

Payment Status



The invoice has been paid in full.

Payment Declined

Accelo Payments attempted to charge your client, but the payment was declined.  This can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Credit card is expired
  • Insufficient funds available in the bank account
  • Incorrect client billing address
  • Debit card has been reported stolen

Payment Scheduled

Automatic payment is scheduled to take place on a future date. All automatic payments are attempted on either:

  • The invoice's due date, if it has not yet passed
  • Today, if the invoice's due date has already passed

Payment Not Scheduled

Automatic payment is not currently scheduled for this invoice. This can occur for one of three reasons:

  1. The client does not have a credit/debit card or bank account on file. Payment will be scheduled automatically once your client adds payment information.

  2. The invoice does not meet your Accelo Payments setting. For example, if the invoice's total is higher than your maximum payment amount. Payment will be scheduled automatically if you update your rules to allow this invoice to be charged.

  3. The invoice was due more than 14 days in the past. Payment will be scheduled automatically if you move the invoice’s date forward.


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