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Keeping track of the records you refer to frequently, whether they are a company, a project, a sale or an issue.

Using the Company and Contact guides, you can:


My Favorites & Filters

See all your favorites and saved filters under each individual module from the left-side Module bar. 

  • Filters: Filters you have saved for various different types of objects in Accelo, and are separated by the object Type (such as Company, Sale, Project, etc.) You can find more information about Filters on the Filters page.
  • Shared Filters: These are Filters that have been shared with you by another user.
  • Favorites: These are pages that you have marked as "Favorite" in Accelo, allowing you to access them quickly. This is useful for monitoring important Sales or Projects in Accelo that you may be a manager for, or simply want to keep track of.
  • Recently Viewed: This is a list of all pages you have viewed recently, separated by the type of object.


Add Favorites

Track your frequent records with favorites - just look for the Favorite icon in the top right of the menu when viewing a record.


Most records support being bookmarked - but if it doesn't, try going to the parent object - such as finding the job rather than the component.

Removing Favorites: If you want to remove the bookmarked record:

  • The bookmarked object will now have a gold star on the Favorite button to indicate that it's been Favorited by you. Simply click on this button to remove it as a Favorite.

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