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Quote Settings


Have full control of your Quote details. Increase sales efficiency by easily creating sophisticated, consistent, and accurate quote formats and templates within Accelo.

Using this guide, you can:

Quote Configurations

Your quotes are a record showing proposed prices for your products and services. Template out your standard business language, the look and the feel for each of your quotes, such as Quote Labels, Terms & Conditions, and Company Header.

You are able to find these settings through your Admin Configurations. Once you are there, choose the Quotes configuration options and then choose Settings.

Quote Settings 2

Customize "Quote" Labels

If you are looking to rename "Quote" or other aspects of it, you can do so via these Quote Settings. Your labels will change how the Quote labels within your Accelo account will appear (internal) and your Quote Headings (actually sent to Clients). You can also set your next Quote ID or whether or not you want it to appear with the Quote Name.

2017 12 20 17 16 09

You'll be able to change these labels through Quote Settings (see above). These labels include:

  1. Quote: The overall label for "Quotes" within the Sales' module

  2. Estimate: The Proposed Project Plan and Financials Involved

  3. Introduction: The introduction that comes before the Proposed Estimate on a quote

  4. Conclusion: The Conclusion after the proposed estimate

  5. Terms & Conditions: After the proposed estimate

For example, if your team sends out “Proposals” instead of Quotes or “Appraisals” instead of Estimates, this would be the area where you can edit existing labels. 


Customize your Quote Status names

  • Rename your status names under the Statuses tab.

  • While you cannot edit or change the order/progression of your quote statuses, each status can be renamed via the Statuses tab.

  • You default Quote Statuses are: Draft, Published, Accepted, Declined, Converted, and Inactive. You can see the order and progression highlighted on the same row.

    2017 12 20 17 18 53

Set your Quote Templates

 When you've gotten comfortable with the Accelo platform and Quote system, you may find that there are some formats you continuously use. It's our strong recommendation that you utilize templates for these types of Quotes to save you time. With our Quote Templates, you'll be able to utilize:

  • Predefined Introductions
  • Predefined Conclusions
  • Predefined Terms & Services
  • Predefined Tax & Ledger Codes
  • Predefined PDF Formatting

To find out more about creating Quote Templates, please click here.

Note: We don't template out the actual Services or Materials you may provide, however. This work can be placed in a separate Template (using Project Templates) to insert in your Quote Plan as you're creating it. 

Project Templates

Your Accelo Quotes tie in directly with your Projects. Since Quotes can be converted into Projects, you use the same templates for both. Quotes can then be converted easily into a project with one click. See how to convert quotes to projects or set up project templates. 

Change Project Templates

When building your Estimate, save time by choosing from your list of existing Project Plan Templates (see screenshot below) or create a Project Plan from scratch.

Accelo Quote Template

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