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View & Invite Client Users

Encourage self-service and peer invitations to your Client Portal. Anyone you invite will receive a special invitation link that gives them access to their own account in your portal.

Your clients will not be able to access your secure Client Portal until they have been granted access and have received their username and password.  Before inviting a contact to the Client Portal, we strongly recommend reviewing the Setup options and the default Permissions.

Using this guide, you can:


Invite a Client Contact to the Portal

To invite a client to their Client Portal:

  1. From the View Client screen, click Portal and select View & Invite Company Users.

    Screen Shot 2015 12 10 at 1.47.59 PM

  2. Assuming that no contacts have been invited yet, you will simply be presented with a box to search for a client contact.

    Screen Shot 2015 12 10 at 1.49.32 PM 

  3. Clicking on the contact name will enable their login, but an invitation has not yet been sent. Select as many contacts as you wish.

    View Invite Users 

  4. The selected contacts are now listed each with their own contact card. Click the Username field in order to edit a contact's username (used to login to the Client Portal)

  5. Click Send Invitation to trigger the invite pop-up screen. The pop-up will display your Invitation Template, and allow you to customize the message before sending.

  6. There are also a number of options available under each contact. Click the gear icon to view them.


  • View Contact - leaves this screen and opens the standard View Contact screen.
  • Edit contact - leaves this screen and opens the Edit Contact screen.

  • Reset Password - sends a new password to the contact's email address.

  • Send Invitation - triggers the Send Invitation pop-up for you to preview the invite before sending.

  • View Portal As - this allows you to impersonate this contact, seeing the portal as they would see it. Handy for confirming your settings.

  • Generate Invite Link - opens up a pop up with the user's unique invitation link, so you can copy and paste it for other uses.

  • Remove Access - this contact will no longer have access to the portal, effective immediately. This access card will be removed from view.

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