Company Codes

If you are using a Company code to tie your databases together, you can start tracking that in Accelo. 

Using this guide, you can:

View Company Codes 

As this code may be used to tie all your systems together, we want this field to be visible in multiple locations.

View on the Company Record

You can find this Company code within the Client Name and under Client Details. If you do not want it within the Company name, you can configure it to not show up. If it is configured to be shown within the Company name, this will show up everywhere the Company Record is mentioned in Accelo.

Client Code

How do we set it up for your deployment?

To set this up, we’ll need to go in the Admin Configurations of your deployment. This will be found in the Company Settings.

Enable and show company codes
There are two major configuration settings:

  • Show Client code with name

    Do you want the client name to show the Client ID?
  • Enable Client codes

    Do you want your Client Database to have Client IDs?

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Set up and utilize Company Codes in Accelo.

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