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Triggers & Business Processes

Automate your business to give you more clients, less stress, and a better work-life balance. Remove the mundane so that you can be freed up to work on much more valuable things, like providing faster and more accurate services to your clients, while dramatically cutting down on time wasted, leaving enough room to grow a successful business.

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To save you time, Accelo accounts are equipped with industry-specific business processes, or "workflow types", that correspond with your account's industry type. 

In addition to pre-populated workflow types, your account includes project templates and module names relating to your industry (e.g., Company vs. Client; Project vs. Matter; Issue vs. Ticket; Sales vs. Prospect, etc.). Each of these areas can be further customized to match your company's specific terminology and business processes.

Where to Configuring Business Processes

To start configuring your Business Processes: 

  1. Click on the Module Button, and choose Configuration.


  2. This will bring you to the Configuration menu, where you can choose the Module Name such as Sales or Projects, and select Progressions & Fields

  3. You will find a drop-down of the standard business process. 
  4. When you click a certain type, you will have the option of adding/editing each module's Types, Statuses, Progressions, Custom fields, and Triggers & Notifications.

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