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Add a Contact via Email

Quickly and easily add a new contact to Accelo by forwarding an email to a special address, for example, [email protected], saving you time and letting you easily keep all of your company records up to date.

Using this guide, you can:

Add a Contact via Email

Add a contact to Accelo by forwarding an email from your contact.

If you receive an email from a contact who isn't in Accelo yet, just forward that email to a special address (EX: [email protected]). Accelo will then look at the email body and will try to add any email addresses it finds in the “from” text of the previous email into our system.

When you forward an email to [email protected]

  • The contact will be added to the existing company if the new Contact matches a domain which already exists within Accelo.

  • Accelo will create a New Contact and a New Company if the new Contact has no matching domain. The contact's new company name will be the email address of the contact.

Whenever you forward an email to the special Add address, not only will the contact be added, but the content of the original email will also be captured and saved as an activity, making it easier to capture the initial conversations. 

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