Declutter your Outlook Inbox

Now that you're receiving the emails, you'll want to set up filters to help you declutter your Outlook Inbox. While Outlook will automatically apply the "Sent" label to emails you send from Accelo (since the sender address is, well, you), the byproduct of the BCC notifications is a lot of unwelcome noise in your inbox. To cut this out, you can set up rules in Outlook so that emails you send skip the inbox get marked as read and optionally have them assigned to a separate folder. 

To configure a rule to declutter your Outlook inbox:

  1. Click the Settings gear at the top-right corner of your Outlook screen.

    Outlook Gear 1

  2. Next, on the slideout window that appears, click the View all Outlook settings option.

    View Outlook Settings 1
  3. On the modal that appears, make sure you're on the Mail tab, then click Rules > + Add new rule.

    Add New Rule 2
  4. First, give your rule a name.

  5. Next, on the Add a condition field, select the From option. In the sender field, use the email address that you're set up as in Accelo (EX:

    Add a Condition 2
  6. On the Add an action dropdown, first select the Mark as Read option. Next, click the Add another action option.

  7. For the second action, select the Move to option, then select the Archive folder.

    Add an Action 2
  8. Click Save.

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