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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Synchronizing your Companies and Contacts

Now that you've set up your HubSpot integration, you can begin to sync your companies and contacts between the two systems. This sync can first be initiated manually to pull your initial HubSpot companies and contacts into Accelo, and then run automatically to sync updates to those companies and contacts moving forward. The sync of your companies and contacts is performed based on your sync criteria, which is used to control exactly which companies and contacts sync.

Using this guide, you can:

Manually Sync Companies and Contacts

After making a successful connection to HubSpot, you'll be able to click on either the Pull or Push buttons in the Integrations screen to queue a sync of all your companies and contacts. This is an important step when you first make the connection, as it will align your company and contact information in both systems.

 push pull

When pushing or pulling your companies and contacts, your request will be automatically queued, and processed by Accelo. Depending on the number of records, the total amount of time required to complete the import can vary. Keep an eye on the Sync Log to monitor the sync's progress.

When syncing, the data from the system which started the sync will take precedence.  For example, importing records from HubSpot manually will cause HubSpot's data to take precedence in Accelo, whereas pushing records to HubSpot will cause Accelo's data to take precedence.  This is important as it can update existing records in both systems.

Pull / Import Companies and Contacts into Accelo

Pulling/importing your companies and contacts from HubSpot into Accelo is a great way to update your Accelo account with all of your existing leads, and is the first thing you'll want to do after setting up the integration.


To start the pull, simply press the blue "Pull" button.  All Companies and contacts in HubSpot will then be pulled into Accelo according to your customizable sync rules.


Push / Export Companies and Contacts to HubSpot

Pushing your Accelo companies and contacts into HubSpot is a great way to update your marketing system with the contact information for any leads that you're tracking in Accelo. When you push / export to HubSpot, Accelo will push all of your companies and contacts according to your customizable sync rules. You will receive an email confirmation once the push has completed, and can monitor its progress via the Sync Log.

pushTo start the push, simply press the blue "Push" button.

We strongly recommend not pushing your companies and contacts to HubSpot until you’ve first pulled your companies and contacts into Accelo.  This will reduce the chance for duplicate records, as Accelo offers a most robust duplicate detection system.

Also NOTE: Contacts with no Company will not be imported from HubSpot.


Manually Sync Individual Companies and Contacts

In addition to syncing all of your companies and contacts in bulk, you can sync individual records with HubSpot. This is a great way to sync new companies and contacts with HubSpot, or sync a smaller subset of your contacts. To sync a company or contact with HubSpot, simply open the record you'd like to sync, and press the red "Push" button, found in the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

push company3

What Happens During a Push?

  • Pushing a company will push the company record and all of its contacts from Accelo to HubSpot.

  • Pushing a contact will push just that contact record to HubSpot. NOTE: Pushing a Contact from the View Contact screen will bypass any sync rules set up in the Integrations settings.

  • Pushing a company or contact which has already been synced with HubSpot will push the updated record to HubSpot immediately.

  • Pushing a company or contact which has not previously been synced with HubSpot will automatically create a new record in HubSpot.

push confirmation

Companies and contacts can be pushed as often as you like.  Unpushed records will create a new company/contact in HubSpot, while records which have previously been pushed will update the existing record.

Automatically Sync Updates to Companies and Contacts

While you can initiate a Manual Pull or Push at any time, the most common way that companies and contacts will be synchronized will be via the automatic synchronization.

It’s important to note that whichever system triggered the update is the one that takes priority when it comes to updating fields. E.g. if you push a contact from Accelo to Hubspot and that contact already existed in Hubspot with a different phone number, job title, and surname, the values from Accelo will overwrite the values in Hubspot. But only fields which have data will be synced - so a blank phone number in Accelo will never overwrite Hubspot.

Synchronizing changes between HubSpot and Accelo

When a change is made in HubSpot, Accelo will receive a notification from HubSpot that the company or contact has been updated. Accelo will then queue this change for import, and pull in the full details of the updated record.

When processing the updated record, the import follows these rules:

  • If the change was made to a company or contact which has already been synced, the update is made immediately, and applied to the existing record.

  • If the change was made to a company or contact that has not yet been synced, the sync process will check your sync rules to confirm whether the new record should be synced. If the rules are satisfied, a new company and/or contact will be automatically created.

Because these changes can occur very frequently, no email notification is generated - the new or updated record will appear automatically. The sync process and its actions can always be monitored via the Sync Log.

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