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Requests Module

Read, reply, and close Requests, all through our mobile app! Keep track of the Requests you receive from clients and new leads, so that you never fall behind on responding to your customers’ needs.

Using this guide, you can:


What are Requests?

Requests are any emails your company receives to their Support or Sales’ Inboxes, for example. Any time a Client or prospective Client needs Support or more information, their incoming emails will be received by the Request Inbox. A good example would be if you email [email protected], our entire Support team will get the message and whoever is available will reply. Learn more about the Request Inbox here.

There are a variety of different types of Requests you may receive, so it is useful to create multiple Request Types, such as Support, Sales, or Info. Once these types are created, you can choose which types you wish to view through your User Preferences.


View the Mobile Request Queue

Click the More button on the bottom right and then choose Request Queue. 


There are three columns within Requests: Claimed, Watching, and All.

  • Claimed: Requests appearing under this column are those which have been claimed by either you or another user on your team. All Requests will appear in order from most recent to least recent, but your claimed Requests will always appear at the top.

  • Watching: Requests appearing under this column are those which you have previously interacted with. For example, if you were a part of an email chain with this Request in the past, any new Request in the chain will appear under your Watching column. That way, you can keep track of the ongoing work being done for this client, in case you need to reply again.

  • All: All Requests received will appear under this column, regardless of who has claimed or replied to them.


Filter Requests

Requests can be filtered by your various Request Types by clicking on the Requests on the top of the screen. Here you will see a list of all Request Inbox Types, and you can check the box next to any Type you would like to see.

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Requests can also be filtered by Status by clicking on the filter icon at the top right of the screen and selecting Status.

Click This3

From the pop-up list, select the Statuses you wish to view. By default, you will see Waiting for Response or Open, but you can also choose to view Closed or Converted Requests.

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Working with Requests

Click on a Request in the Queue to quickly view its content and Reply, Claim, or Close it when it is complete.

Reply to a Request

Click either the Reply or “Reply All” button.


A Timer will automatically start at the bottom of the Reply window, which you can Pause or Edit at any time by clicking on it. Enter your email response, add any necessary attachments, and then click the arrow at the top right of the screen to Send. Note that replying to a Request will automatically Claim it under your name as well.

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Claim a Request

Claiming a Request is equivalent to taking responsibility for getting back to the Client.  This will allow other users to know that you are working on it, and they can focus their time on other Requests or Client Work. For any Request you or a colleague has claimed, we will make it easy for you to separate those Requests from the rest.


Close a Request

Click the three dots at the top right of the screen to select Close. Only Close a Request when you are sure that all necessary work on that Request has been completed by you or a colleague, and does not need to be converted into a Sale, Ticket or Project. While closing a Request will make it disappear from the Request Queue at first, you are able to open up filters to Closed Requests on the top right (mentioned earlier)

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