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Lesson 2: Logging your Work of

Log work with a Note

Log time to track the hours you spend working on activities within your projects, sales, tickets, tasks, etc. Stop guessing how much time you spent on your calls and emails, and let Accelo help you see all the time you spend in a day (and make sure you bill for it!).

Log your time easily through Activities. Find the task or work you are completing, and choose Create a new Activity. Make sure to choose Note if you are recording work completed.   Notes are internal messages to yourself or your co-workers, and can never be sent to clients and contacts. Add a Subject and Description in your Note detailing the work you’ve just done, while also giving your team and manager a window to what you’ve done for that task.

A Timer will run automatically at the bottom of the window, and you can adjust the timer in real time by pressing Pause and Play.

If you’re logging your work retroactively, easily Edit the amount of time in the window, and fill out the time it took you to complete the work. If it relates to Billable work, choose the check mark next to the timer (Accelo Billable Check Box.png) so you never lose track of your billable time. The time you log will automatically appear in your Timesheet.

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Tracking work with Timers

To track your work in real time, use a Timer. Start your Timer in Accelo, and complete your work anywhere inside or outside of Accelo with your timer still running.

Multi-task in the platform by creating multiple Timers, and switching between them as needed. Only one Timer can be running at a time, but you are able to easily go back and forth between your open Timers as you switch between different Tasks.

To create a new Timer click on the +Create button (accelo.+CreateButton.png) at the top of any screen, and select Timer.  Or you can open any of your Tasks in your Schedule, Timesheet, or Task Board and see an Add Timer button (accelo.AddTimerbutton.png), allowing you to easily add time to an ongoing Task as you work.

When creating a new Timer, choose what Client and Task you would like the Timer to be logged Against by using the Search Bar. Your time will be automatically applied to this work, making it easier to track the time you have logged on your Timesheet, ensuring your billable time gets allocated properly, and giving project managers an easy way to analyze their Budgeted time versus Actual time.

When you log time with a Timer, completing the Timer will create a Note. Enter your details of work you completed just as you do when Logging work with a Note.

Timers even continue to run even when you log out of your account! Read more about logging time outside of Accelo with our Desktop Timer and Mobile App Timer.

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Weekly Timesheet

Find all your logged work and easily log time against your scheduled tasks on your Weekly Timesheet.

On the left is your List of Client Work, including client names, projects, tickets, and a list of all of your scheduled tasks. On the right is a Weekly Overview of your logged time separated by day. Enter time directly onto your Timesheet quickly and easily by clicking the + button on any day and Add new Activity.

As you complete work and add activities over the course of your day, your time will be automatically filled in your timesheet. If you have not yet completed an Assigned Task, you will see a "Suggested Task" button that you can click and instantly log time. To convert these suggested work entries into actual time on your timesheet, simply click on the task and confirm the time you want to log.

Here's how it works across three key areas of your business: emails, meetings, and tasks.

  • Email capture: Accelo tracks all the emails sent to and from your clients, and will automatically enter the time you spend responding. With Gmail or Outlook integration, easily add suggested response times from your external email correspondence by clicking on the email icon (Accelo Time Sheet Email Icon.png).

  • Meeting capture: Accelo fills in your timesheet by automatically importing appointments from your calendar. When the meeting or appointment is with a client, also known in Accelo as "Scheduled Work", you'll see a suggestion for the amount of time the meeting had scheduled. You simply click on the scheduled work icon (Accelo Time Sheet Suggested Appt.png), enter the actual amount of time you spent in the meeting, and put in a short description of what you covered.

  • External Meetings: If the appointment didn't involve a client, Accelo will import this time as "External Work". While some things from your calendar don't belong on your timesheet, like a trip to the dentist, actual client work can be converted into a timesheet entry by clicking on the scheduled work icon Accelo Time Sheet External Appt.png. Search for the client, sale, project, ticket or other place you want to log the work, confirm the time spent and enter a short Meeting Report, and your timesheet will be filled in.

  • Task Capture:  Accelo makes it easy to track the time spent on tasks by showing them as "Suggested Work" between their start and due dates. To convert these suggest work entries into actual time on your timesheet, simply click on them Accelo Time Sheet Suggested Task Time.png and confirm the time you want to log.

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Daily Timesheet

The Daily Timesheet is your one-stop location to see all the work that you have logged so far today and with one click Log your work on all of your assigned Tasks.

On the top is your logged time, shown in graph form. Blue bars indicate time that was logged and the time it was logged. Billable hours are shown as green bars, and non-billable hours are shown as orange bars.

Daily Timesheet 3

On the left below the graph are your logged Activities that you can see in a Timeline view or Grouped by what your time is logged against.  Click the Log Time button (accelo.LogTimeButton.png) at the top of the list to add a new Activity to this list. Click the Kabob icon on the right of any Activity and select Log more work to log more work against the same activity.

Daily Timesheet 4 

On the right is all Work assigned to you, where you can log time directly against the task

Billable Task

Click the Log Time button (accelo.DailyTimesheetLogWorkbutton.png) to log an Activity against the Task. Click the Timer button (accelo.DailyTimesheetTimerbutton.png) to start a Timer against the Task.

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Try it Yourself: Log Time

If you've already set up your trial account, try logging time now to see how the process works! Logging time can be done in many ways since we know logging billable hours is vital to the work you do.

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