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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

The heart of Accelo - your client database


Your client database gives you a synchronized and intelligent platform to see client work in real-time. Your Companies and Contacts module provides many of the features found in a traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system but takes it further by fully integrating with every module in your account.

Your client database is tightly integrated with all other modules in Accelo, ensuring that you never lose work and can easily find your records, regardless of its age.

Using the Company and Contact guides, you can:

Track the work you perform for your Clients

Log work easily and follow work progress under each Company/Contact within your Client Database.

All work you perform within Accelo must be logged Against one company. Whenever you create new work in your account, whether it be a project, sale, ticket/issue, retainer, task, or any logged activity, you will be asked to create it Against a singular Company. Once you create projects, sales, issues, activities, etc. against a company, all ongoing work will be logged directly on their Company Page.

On each Company Page you will see real-time updates of all data logged against the Company. On each Contact Page, you will see all data logged against that Contact. 

Your work is logged for your clients in two ways - Tasks and Activities.

  • Tasks:  Your to-do list.  Create small work assignments for users that have deadlines and estimate the amount of work needed to complete this task. Tasks can be created against any project, issue, ticket/issue, retainer, or directly against one of your Clients.  All of the tasks logged against the Company or any work related to the Company will appear on their Company Page.

  • Activities - The actual time you log and work you complete.  Track the billable time you spend completing each task and record the details of work you complete. Activities can be created against any object in Accelo, including Tasks. Easily find all activities logged against the Company, no matter what project, ticket, retainer, contact, or task the activity was logged against. Activities include emails, phone calls, meetings, and internal notes

Best Practices: Should I add Myself as a Client?

We do not recommend listing your staff members and their emails as contacts under an internal company listing.

You may wish to create your company record in Accelo to keep track of internal projects, issues, staff details and other notes. Many of our clients create an Internal Client to do just that - create ongoing projects, issues, and add notes for how you manage the operations for all of your clients and not just one client. 

However, listing your staff emails can be confusing and can cause unexpected behavior by Accelo's email capture system, such as capturing sensitive internal emails. We recommend keeping any staff contact information out of your Client Database to keep your captured emails always related to your business. 

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