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Accelo can store lots of data - from contact information to project details & lots more. This tutorial shows you how to find what you need.

Navigating through the various pages of Accelo can be done using the links found at the top of the page.  Those links are broken up into a column and a row.

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Module Navigation (Found by hitting the top left Module Button)

  • Clients & Contacts - The Clients & Contacts modules provide many of the features found in a traditional Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), acting as a one-stop shop for everything going on with your clients.
  • Campaigns - The Campaigns module makes it easy to utilize your sales database to create targeted marketing messages based on the system's built-in and customized fields.
  • Sales - The Sales module helps your team better manage your efforts around sales opportunities and sales by tracking the status of those opportunities and the work you've performed in those endeavors.  Those sales opportunities will then be converted directly in to the projects, issues or retainers you'll be tracking and billing for.
  • Projects - The Projects module allows you to plan, delegate, and track both client and internal projects; projects can be as simple or complex as you like, and there's an array of billing options to suit your need.
  • Tickets - The Issues module provides the functionality for issues (such as support tickets or ad-hoc services) to be managed.
  • Requests - The Requests module manages the various requests your clients make of you, whether they come from existing clients via the Client Portal or via your public email addresses such as support@ and info@.  Those requests are listed in a simple format that all staff can view and respond to directly, and turn into net Sales opportunities or Issues.
  • Retainers - The Retainers module is ideal for managing recurring client work, maintenance quotas, or periodic invoicing - such as license fees; it even integrates seamlessly with the projects and issues modules so that you can even allocate work from those into a retainer period.
  • Billing - The Billing list displays a list of all invoices that have been sent out from Accelo.
  • Tasks - The Tasks list shows a quick glance of all tasks and their details, such as who the task is assigned to, which client its for, when it was started, when it is due, and how much time remains for the task.
  • Activities - The Activities list shows a comprehensive list of all activities logged within Accelo.

Global Search

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This search box at the top of Accelo is great for quickly finding records that match a keyword. You can even go directly to a record if you know the record number - just use the hash (#) symbol in front of the number. For efficiency and to ensure relevancy, you may filter your search by the type of record you are looking for by clicking the drop-down arrow beside the magnifying glass and selecting the type of record you are looking for, such as "Task" or "Project".

If your search only matches one record, you will be taken directly to view that record. If there are two or more results, they will be displayed as a list in the main Accelo window.

Tip: To take the cursor straight to the search box, try Alt. Forwardslash on your keyboard in Chrome or IE. Firefox requires Alt + Shift + Forward-slash.

Tools Navigation

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  • Create - You can create Objects, Activities or start a Timer simply by hovering over Create and hitting the appropriate field.
  • Saved - This is where you can find you and your team's saved filters, favorited pages, or recently viewed pages.
  • Dashboards (User, Manager, and Admin) - The dashboard pages can viewed as a summarized look at what's going on in your business: both with what's happening in sales and tickets as well as visually seeing where your business is spending its time & resources.
  • Task - This is where you can find your Task Board, sorted by either Deadlines, Status, or Assignment. 
  • Schedule - The My Schedule screen allows you to keep track of how much upcoming work you have via the tasks that are assigned to you, and you are also able to see how your team is in the range of a few weeks through Team Schedule and allocate out unassigned tasks. 
  • Stream - This is the Activity Stream where you can see all recent correspondence and things going on. 
  • Time - This is where you can find your Timesheet and Timers.
  • Reports - An easy way to find Timesheet reporting and invoices coming up. 
  • Inbox - This is where you would find your Accelo Inbox and your team's Request Queues
  • User icon - Click your username to view the dropdown of settings related to your personal account, such as your individual user preference settings, your integrations, and mobile app information.

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