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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Schedule Dashboard (Premium)

Purpose of the Schedule Dashboard

Manage all client work within one convenient dashboard. Here you can view everything from the high-level work your team is completing over several months, to more granular information such as the Tasks a User is working on today.

Note: This feature is available for Premium Licenses only.

How do I get to my Schedule Dashboard?

To navigate to your Schedule Dashboard, hover over the Schedule icon in the top menu and click on Schedule Dashboard. You can also click the Reports product on the left menu and click on Schedule Dashboard.


Features of the Schedule Dashboard


In the Schedule Dashboard, timelines for Projects, Tickets, Retainers, and Sales correspond with the planned and estimated dates of the Tasks within those objects. The view in the Schedule Dashboard adapts to when Tasks are finished, meaning a Project in the Schedule Dashboard may not align with the dates in the Project Plan.


Both the Team and Work Views are filterable by rate, type of time (committed, auto-scheduled, etc.), and whether or not we want to view time over days, weeks or months. The Work View also has the additional flexibility that allows you to filter the time shown by either User or Task.

Filter team schedule 2
See where your time is going

The Schedule Dashboard is perfect for viewing Users' logged, committed or scheduled time. You can also change your settings to hide types of time that may not be relevant, such as external calendar events or non-billable time.

  • Team ViewSee what work your team has scheduled over the course of days, or weeks. You can view the schedule and utilization of selected Users, while Admins have the added ability to see if the work their team is doing is profitable. The Team View is filterable by User, Skill or Group. As Users are added to the list, they will be sorted alphabetically by last name.

    NOTE: The current day will be highlighted in yellow.

    Team Scheduling 2

  • Work ViewView larger-scale work on things like Projects, Retainers or Tickets. Use this view to see the work under a Project by milestone/task or by Category such as Scheduled, Committed, and Work Done.

    Work View 2

  • Schedule ListsOne of the greatest benefits of the Schedule Dashboard is being able to easily create a list that includes work from different modules such as Tickets, Retainers, and Sales. You can then save this list in order to reference it quickly in the future.

    New List 2

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