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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Learn the Lingo (Accelo Terminology)

Learn Accelo's own "language" to help your team navigate your Accelo account.


The core, fundamental tool you will use in Accelo to log any work you do.  Activity is the umbrella term which we use to describe internal notes, external emails, phone calls, meetings, and postal, all of which include time tracking by default.  


  • When creating an activity, you can “action” the activity to indicate that you have addressed this item.

  • Progression Actions (Premium) can be used to automate your business processes when progressing the Status of an object in Accelo.


The link between a contact and a company. An Affiliation holds the data specific to that contact’s relationship with a company, such as their email address or phone number. A contact can have many affiliations.

Logging “Against”

When creating an Activity, Task, or Timer, log it against a Company, Contact, Project, etc, in order to ensure that all the information is contained in the proper location. Enter the name of the object you are logging the activity, task, or timer against in the Against bar.


Click the Favorite button, at the top of almost any page in Accelo, to add the object to a special list just for you. This helps you track all of the work completed against the object. Useful if you want to monitor a Project, Sale, etc. in Accelo which you are not a manager of.

Common Folder

The Common folder is a folder under Attachments that exists across every page in Accelo. The Common folder is an ideal place to store universal and frequently used files that you would like your whole company to have access to.


A contributor is a third party contact that you specifically link to a Project, Ticket, or Sale as they have some association or connection to the work that is happening. You can configure the type of contribution they are intended to make, and will also be able to include them on communication against that record.

Custom Fields & Custom Profile Fields

  • Custom fields are unique fields which only apply to a particular Type of object in Accelo. Capture your unique business data by storing it in custom fields.

  • Custom Profile Fields can be made available across many Product types. Profile Fields allow you to configure customized fields which apply to all records within that Product, not just one of them.


Many Products in Accelo have their own specific Dashboards which allow you to review activity and performance specific to that Product.


In a project plan in Accelo, make certain Tasks or Milestones dependent upon completion of another Task or Milestone in order to organize and automate your Project process.


A special custom field type which allows you to search and “lookup” an associated record, such as an affiliation or company record. For instance, you can create a “lookup” field called “Referred By”, and connect one company record to the existing company that referred you their business.


A stage or step within a project plan, and a way to segment Tasks created within the project. A Project can be made up of many Milestones, and Milestones are made up of Tasks.


A Product is a specific section of the Accelo platform that serves a specific function. Accelo has many Products, including Sales, Projects, Tickets and Retainers.


A singular piece of work, such as one Project, Sale, or Ticket.


The movement of an object from one status to another using the progression functionality. When you progress from one status to another, this is called its progression. Progressions allow for the configuration of business rules and alerts to be triggered in a Premium account.


A Project is a job you are working on for a client, and is made up of multiple stages, or Milestones, and Tasks to be completed by one or more users over the course of an extended period.


Requests are emails your team receives from clients needing support of some kind within your shared inboxes such as support@, info@, or [email protected]. Requests can be viewed in the Request Inbox and quickly converted into Sales and Support Tickets.

Report on Meetings

Meeting Reports allow each meeting attendee to create reports for your meetings by logging their time and taking notes on what was discussed during the meeting. Upon creating a meeting within Accelo, you will have the option to Report on it immediately if the meeting already occurred by checking the Report box at the bottom.


Retainers are used for any products or services you provide to your clients on an ongoing or recurring basis. Manage the ongoing and recurring work you do for clients, including recurring tasks, recurring materials, and setting up auto-billing at the beginning of each Retainer Period.

Resolution Notes

Resolution Notes help you track how certain Tickets are solved, and can be easily added to Ticket Invoices. Add details of how you fixed your Ticket, and your client can reference the work you’ve done.


A Status is the current standing or condition of an object in Accelo. Each item type will have its own set of statuses available, many of which can be configured by an Admin.


Tasks are used throughout Accelo to help you keep track of small pieces of work. A Task is work you have set for yourself or others to be done, or a "to-do" list. Tasks can be a reminder of something to do in the future, or a task to be completed for an ongoing project.


A Ticket refers to any small ad-hoc work that needs to be done for an active client, such as a bug that needs to be quickly fixed, or an image that may need to be quickly updated.


Create different Product Types to separate your workflow progressions, add automated actions to match your unique business processes, and to help run reports on the various types of work you do. By customizing and configuring your progressive actions to match your Types, you can improve consistency and coordination across your team.

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