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Exchange / Office365 Import

Import your contacts to Accelo from Exchange or Office 365 easily and quickly and make the transition to a more automated, streamlined, and simple business structure. 

You probably have all of your business contacts in your Exchange address book, but do not want to have to go through the process of creating new contacts in your Accelo account. In this case, you easily import them from once your Accelo user account is connected to Exchange or Office365.

Accelo is able to automatically detect contacts from your Address book to import to Accelo and make this process as smooth as possible. For this purpose, we have also included Best practice advices that you may find at the end of this page.



Importing your Contacts

Simply navigate to your Settings > Import & Exports > Import Data and choose Exchange.

The next screen will confirm the number of contacts that have been detected for import.

Click Confirm contacts to import. Note that this will not import the contacts straight away - you get a chance to review them first!

The review process is paginated which means you don't have to process them all at once - you can process them 1 page at a time. You can even open Accelo in another browser window and check that the contacts are being imported as you would expect.

resizedimage600246 exchangecontacts

  • Contacts are grouped under companies. The company is selected based on the "company" field from the Exchange contact. We can also guess the company (if it is missing) by comparing the contact email address with other contacts.

  • You can edit the Company name, the Contact names and Email Address. These changes will sync back to Exchange after importing.

  • To remove a company or contact, click the X button on the end of the row.

  • To import a contact under a different company, click the Unlink option.

Note, you may be importing contacts where the company already exists in Accelo. In this case we will link the new contacts to the existing company.

Best Practices

  • If you have notes against a contact, these will be converted to an activity in Accelo against that contact.
  • Duplicate contacts will be ignored. That is, the first contact will be imported, and the second will be ignored. We suggest you use a duplicate contact cleanup tool before running this import.
  • All contacts that are imported will automatically be kept in sync with your Exchange Contacts.
  • Once contacts are added to Accelo, they will be visible by any users that have permission to view contacts.
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