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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Email Capture Requirements

Learn the email capture requirements for Accelo so that your team can collaborate efficiently with clients over projects, sales, and issues. 

General Capture

The most basic prerequisites for a message to be captured in Accelo are:

  • The sender's address must be present in Accelo as a Contact


  • The sender's domain name must already be associated with an existing Contact in Accelo, and have the Auto Contact Creation setting turned on.  The domain name is the part of the email address which comes after the @ symbol, i.e. [email protected]
NOTE: We do not capture internal emails for security reasons (ie. HR-related).

You can automatically create a Contact entry for an address that isn't already present in the system by using the [email protected] method.

HTML Email Capture

When viewing captured emails in certain areas of your deployment, such as the Stream, Inbox or View Activity screen, you will be able to see them as they were intended to be seen: with all of the images, signatures, annotations and more natively inside of Accelo. This also includes emails with images inline, bulleted lists and emboldened keywords.

As emails with HTML components are captured in Accelo, they are sanitized for security and styling purposes. So if you find that certain HTML aspects aren't being captured as expected, this may be the result of the sanitization process.

If you notice that emails are not rendering correctly where HTML email capture is shown, please report the issue using the following link:

Also, to see past messages in the thread, simply click the Ellipses button near the bottom of the email message.

Ellipses Button 3NOTE: HTML Email Capture will not be shown on every screen where emails can be viewed in your deployment. Areas with limited space, such as the Daily and Weekly Timesheets, will show plain text emails.

Threaded Capture

For a message to be captured by the system and included in an ongoing conversation thread, the message's subject needs to match that of the previous messages.  The system automatically disregards subject tags such as RE: and FW:, so you're able to continue using your email in the way you're already comfortable with.

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