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Email Capture Requirements

Learn the email capture requirements for Accelo so that your team can collaborate efficiently with clients over projects, sales, and issues. 

General Capture

The most basic prerequisites for a message to be captured in Accelo are:

  • The sender's address must be present in Accelo as a Contact


  • The sender's domain name must already be associated with an existing Contact in Accelo, and have the Auto Contact Creation setting turned on.  The domain name is the part of the email address which comes after the @ symbol, i.e.
Note: We do not capture internal emails for security reasons (ie. HR-related).

You can automatically create a Contact entry for an address which isn't already present in the system by using the method.

Threaded Capture

For a message to be captured by the system and included in an ongoing conversation thread, the message's subject needs to match that of the previous messages.  The system automatically disregards subject tags such as RE: and FW:, so you're able to continue using your email in the way you're already comfortable with.

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