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The Company View screen provides you with a helicopter view of all information that has been completed for your clients across all modules in Accelo, and completed by every user. Quickly see the progress of the most recent activity, invoice history, relevant work, expenses, ongoing tasks, and the general contact details of each Company.

Using this guide, you can:


View Company Details

Listed across the center of the screen are several sections and tabs containing information to help you manage your Company.

accelo2.Company Overview



The overview tab is shown by default. The overview will give you a bar graph of the Activities vs Hours, showing the activities completed versus hours logged, any changes to Revenue and client contact, or Touches.

accelo.client overview 

The Recently Updated section helps you quickly find the ongoing projects, invoices, and tasks logged against the Company. To see all ongoing work related to the Company, click See all Work...


Below Recently Updated, view the Company Categories, Custom Profile Fields, and Staff Leaderboard. The Categories section includes any fields you have set up to tell you more about this company. Custom Profile Fields are similar, and allow you add extra details about the company you are viewing. The Staff Leaderboard is a way to keep track of who in your company is working with this client the most, based on their number of logged activities.



Quickly see the most recent activities recorded against the Company and all Company Contacts, or any non-billable conversations tracked against the Company itself.


Click the List & Export button to view a full list of all emails, calls and notes against the Company.



See the full list of all Contacts that have been added to the Company in List format, including the phone number, position, email, contact status, and last contact date. Quickly add a contact via the +Add Contact button.

Edit a contact by clicking the drop down arrow on the contact line, where you can add an activity against the contact, edit, unlink, import historical emails, or Add a relationship.

 accelo.view client contacts


See a segmented list of work for your Company against each module, including a quick-click link for all ongoing Requests, Sales, Projects, Issues, and Retainers. You can also quickly add new work by clicking the +Create New button next to each Module.

accelo.view client work 


Store and locate files related to the Company. Add new files by click the Attach File button and choosing where you would to upload the file from, or select New Folder to add a new folder under the current folder to organize files.



See all assets linked with the Company. The name "Asset" is deliberately generic (and can be renamed) because this feature is flexible, and allows you to create your own mini-database of information about your clients. To quickly create an asset related to this Company, click the Create Asset button. You will be redirected to a new page where you can add any Assets you would like to show for this company, and click Save.



See a list of all Contributors for this Company, or the third party contacts who are involved in your client’s work, such as a lawyer or a consultant for a client. Contributors are added on a per-project basis. To read more about adding Contributors, click here.



By default, you will see all incomplete tasks associated with the Company. To see completed tasks, click the Show Completed button. Quickly add a new task for this Company by clicking Create a Task.



See all invoices created for this Company in one place. If you need to add an invoice, do so quickly by clicking Issue Invoice from the menu bar.



Other Features

Frequently Contacted / Company Details Section

Conveniently see the contact details of your most frequent contacts at the top of your Company Details list. Quickly view Company Details, including company contacts, status, Account managers, custom Company Profile fields and Segmentations, and Company addresses.

accelo.View Company Page

+Add Activity (Note, Meeting, Email, Call)

Click +Add Activity to add an activity about this Company. Fill out details, such as Billable vs Non-billable for invoicing purposes.

Add Activity Company

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