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Connect to Kaseya

Seamlessly manage client security, assets and overall network monitoring in Kaseya while knowing that everything is connected to Accelo’s queue, ticket and billing platform. Track and get paid for all the work you do for clients - automatically.

Using this guide, you can:

Kaseya Integration

Integrating Accelo with your Kaseya account gives you a complete dashboard of your IT business.

Pull in your client requests from Kaseya Alarms and provide entry-level support and service in your Accelo Request queue. Easily follow the procedures permitted by the type of request that is generated - such as converting the alert into a support ticket, replying to the customer, or simply closing it.


Automatically track when your alarm is triggered in Kaseya next to the client record in Accelo, making it easy for technicians to work through the ticket in a way that captures time spent, SLAs and other key details. When you resolve or close the ticket in Accelo, the resolution is pushed to Kaseya and the alert cleared.

Your Kaseya configuration options allow you to automatically create clients within Accelo based on the alarm, to email staff members when alerts come in, or automatically clear the alarm when the request has been handled in Accelo.

Connecting Kaseya to Accelo

Accelo's Kaseya integration uses Kaseya's VSA API Service to sync your alerts, and needs to be enabled before the integration can be completed. This service can be enabled for local installations via the Server Management menu, but hosted editions of Kaseya can only be enabled via Kaseya support.

To connect Kaseya to Accelo:

  1. Open the Integration page by clicking your User Profile Icon in the Navigation Bar and selecting Integrations.

  2. Select Kaseya tab.

  3. Fill in your connections details before saving:

  4. Username - A user which has access to view all the Alarms you want pulled into Accelo. If you configure Accelo to close Alarms in Kaseya, this user needs to have permission to close the Alarms.

  5. Password

  6. Server Name - This is the Fully Qualified DNS Name or IP Address of your Kaseya Server.

  7. If your Kaseya Server is behind a firewall,  ensure that port 80 (http) is enabled both to and from your Kaseya Server to the IP Addresses and

  8. Hit the Save button.

We recommend you review the extra configuration options as these allow you to customize how the integration will work.

Options when connecting to Kaseya:

  • Accelo request type - The Request type you want Kaseya alarms to be created as
  • Create Accelo Clients from Kaseya - Automatically create a new company/client in Accelo to match the company/client name provided in Kaseya

    • Please note - If a matching company/client does not already exist in Accelo and this option is set to 'No,' Alerts will not be pulled in.

  • Close Accelo request when Kaseya Alarm is Resolved - Close request in Accelo when the alarm is closed or resolved in Kaseya, saving you time

  • Send Email Notifications on request Creation - Email the people on your team who are listed as notification contacts for that request type

  • Clear Kaseya Checks when Accelo request Closed -  Close alarms in Kaseya when the Request or Issue in Accelo is closed or resolved

Please note the integration will poll for new alerts every 5-10 minutes.


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