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Creating Periods

Struggling to manage contracts & ongoing services?

Create Retainer Periods to easily track and invoice all your recurring services within set durations of time. 

Using this guide, you can:

What is a Retainer Period?

Your retainers module tracks all of your recurring services.  Whether weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually, you can configure your retainers to fit the time frame you have agreed to provide a service to your clients. Your retainer periods track the work performed within these time frames. Your periods are like a bucket into which tickets, tasks, projects or general work activities are allocated.


Create Periods

When you first set-up a retainer, you'll encounter the Retainer Period heading, where you configure the terms and options for each period of the Retainer.

To set up a Period,  click on the + Add New Period button on your Retainer.

Screen Shot 2016 03 10 at 12.42.50 PM

You will notice that everything should be identical to the template you set up when you first added your Retainer Period template. There are only two key differences which we will go into detail below.

  • How Many Periods? - How many periods are you creating at once? Periods will not overlap, so if you chose multiple periods, they would be in sequential order adhering to the duration you choose.
  • Starting On - This is the start date of the Period. This is a very vital date if you have your Retainer set to Auto Renew your periods.

    Auto-renewing will adhere to the duration you set based on the start date. If you chose a day in the middle of the week such as Wednesday, and have a weekly duration, then the new period would begin the Wednesday after.

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