The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

View a Contact

Access and edit all your contacts, update contact details, quickly find any related work, search through ongoing messages, and reference all team correspondence in one convenient location.

Using this guide, you can:

View Contact

The Contact View screen provides you a helicopter view of all work, tasks, and activities across all modules in Accelo related to this client. Quickly see the progress of the most recent activity, invoice history, work, and the general details of the Contact and their related Company or Companies.

View Contact 2


View Contact Details

In the left column, quickly view all entered contact details, including company name and details, privacy relationships, custom Company Profile fields under Additional Details, and add a personal contact address under Addresses.

Hallie Benson 2

Listed across the center of the screen are several tabs containing information to help you manage your Contact: 

New View Contact ba


The stream tab is shown by default. Quickly see the most recent activities recorded against this contact that involve them in some way.  Use the search bar to easily find previous meetings, logged calls, or emails between any user in Accelo and this contact.

Click the List & Export button to view a full list of all emails, calls, and notes against this contact. Note - This list will only include activities logged against this contact. The export list will not pull in all email chains that are logged against a specific project, issue, etc.




See a segmented list of work details that have been associated with this contact on the Budget & Work tab. This list includes any object where this contact was allocated the main point of contact, including a quick click link for all ongoing Requests, Sales, Projects, Tickets, and Retainers.

You can also quickly add new work by clicking the +Create New button next to each Module. Expand each list by choosing Show more...

New Work 2



Store and locate files related to the Contact. Add new files by click the Attach File button and choosing where you would to upload the file from, or select New Folder to add a new folder under the current folder to organize files.



See all invoices created for work related to this contact in one place. If you need to add an invoice, you can do so directly from the Company page.



See all assets linked to ongoing work associated with this contact. To create an asset, you can do so via the Company page under the Asset Tab.

 +Add Activity (Note, Meeting, Email, Call, Postal)

Click +Add Activity to add an activity about this Contact. Fill out details, such as Billable vs Non-billable for invoicing purposes.

Add Activity 3

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