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The content in this guide is currently being revised to align with the new user interface. Some text and images may be outdated.

Delete Data

Inactive or Delete Data

Over the course of time, some companies, contacts, projects or issues may not be relevant anymore. There are two options: Inactive and Deleting the Object.

  • Inactive will still retain the data and hide it from searches, reports and other places where you do not want the record to be visible.

  • Deleting an object is an Admin feature due to the repercussions. This is because deleting records is permanent and there is a risk of unintentionally removing other items attached to that object - such as invoices, tasks, activities with billable hours and so on.

Objects that support Permanent Deletion

If you want to permanently delete a object, we have a separate guide for the following:


To permanently remove a company, from the View Company screen, click Company > Delete Company from the task bar.

Delete Company 2

NOTE: This is only advised for deleting dummy data or real data which you are 100% sure you do not wish to retain. If there is any real billable time associated with any of the records linked to the company, we recommend you do not permanently delete!

Once the Delete Company page loads, you'll want to carefully review all the items to be deleted. You cannot choose which items to delete - everything connected to the company will be permanently deleted! Once you've reviewed all the records, if you would still like to proceed, click on the Completely Delete (cannot undo) button.

  • If you have contacts on that company that you do not want to delete then you must first affiliate/link them with another company.


Whilst viewing a contact record, click Delete Contact from the grey taskbar.

Delete Contact 3

From the following screen, you can preview all the related records which will be deleted. Please review carefully as this process is not reversible.

Delete Contact

To delete the contact, check the I understand that all data related to this contact will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered again checkbox. Then click the Completely Delete button.


To delete a ticket, you must be an administrator, and the issue must be in the Inactive status. Once these conditions are met, there is a Delete option on the ticket drop down menu.

You will be prompted to review any activities, invoices and other items associated with the ticket, as these will also be deleted. Click Confirm Permanent Removal to delete the issue.

Delete a Project

Screen Shot 2015 11 06 at 11.18.38 AM

To permanently delete a Project or Job, open up the appropriate object. Under Process, you will find the option to Delete Project.

Note: You will be prompted to delete all associated billable material relative to this project. Please make sure you go through this process if you would like to do so.


Bulk Delete

Admin users can access the Bulk Delete Data feature under the Imports & Exports section in the Configuration page. Here is a simple step by step process to follow:

Imports Exports 

  1. After selecting Bulk Delete Data, the main Accelo window will change, asking you to specify a company or standalone contact status. If you wish to delete all companies, then leave the default option of "- All - ", otherwise, select a status in the drop-down list. Only companies in this status will be removed.

    Bulk Delete

  2. Click Save to continue, where you will be presented with a list of companies or contacts you are about to delete.

  3. The confirmation screen lists all companies or contacts to be deleted. Please review the data for any that you don't want to delete. If you find any, you should update that company or contact status (use another browser window) and restart the Bulk Delete process.

    Note: Deleting a company will also delete sales, tickets, projects, retainers, invoices, receipts, tasks and activities associated with these objects. Contacts are also deleted provided they are only linked to that company. If a contact is also linked to another company not being deleted, then only the affiliation is removed.

  4. To finalize the delete process, click Save from the bottom of the window. This button is located at the bottom of the page as a way for you to scroll through the data you wish to delete before you do.

    Note: Clicking Save cannot be undone. Please avoid using Accelo whilst the bulk delete is running, and note that if you have a lot of data, the process may take upwards of 1 hour.

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