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From Lead to Proposal & Signoff - The Sales Module

Want to improve your client relationships?

Stay on top of deals and win more sales by having all of your notes, appointments, emails, attachments & custom fields at your fingertips.

Track your pipeline and forecast sales quickly and easily within your Accelo account. By creating templated estimates you can pre-populate your standard service items and estimated billable value, allowing you to save time and focus on forecasting revenue, resource utilization and visualizing capacity constraints.

You can also define, build and follow the sales process your own way, striking the balance between a structured process and the flexibility required in relationship sales.

Using the Sales Module Guides, you can:

Your Sales Efforts in Accelo

A Sale, sometimes referred to as a Prospect or Opportunity, is a sales record created against an existing Company. That sales record is used to track your sales efforts from first contact to final sign off, uniting current status, progress, value and correspondence into one record.  

Having each Sale listed as a separate entity provides you and your team a simple overview of your sales efforts, and presents you with contrasting details on the client's other work in progress. 

The Sales module helps you to:

  • Create a Sale against a Client record, tracking potential business with that company. Create as many Sales as you need to track your various opportunities.

  • Link the resulting work (ie a Project) with the originating Sale, resulting in a full client life cycle, from lead to project to recurring customer.

  • Track all your emails, meetings, documents and time spent winning a deal, and show your colleagues or managers the effort that went in.

Configure this Module Name

Easily rename the Sales Module to something more meaningful to you before you start tracking your work, ie - “Opportunities”.  You can easily configure the name of each module, including Sales, to whatever makes the most sense for your business.

To change the name: 

  1. Select Settings from the left-hand side menu.

  2. Choose Sales and Settings to get to the General Configuration for Sales where you can rename to something such as Opportunity or Prospect.

  3. Alternately, you can click General Config and Module Titles to rename this and other modules.

  4. Once renamed, all instances of this Module name will instantly be updated across your entire account.

    Sales General Configuration

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