Import Projects from CSV File

If you have a high-level project laid out in a CSV, it can be easily imported into Accelo by utilizing the Import Data feature. Quickly import everything from the project’s title, type, status, manager, budget, start/due date, custom fields and more.

To import a Project from a CSV into Accelo:

  1. Ensure that the Project details are properly saved as a .CSV file.
  2. In your deployment, click on the Configurations gear to be directed to the Configurations page.
  3. On the Configurations Page, find the Import & Export tab, then select Import Data.

    Import Data 4
  4. On the Import Data page, scroll down to the CSV Import: Project (Data) section, then click the Import button.

    CSV Import an actual project
  5. This will direct you to a page where you will be prompted to upload your Project CSV. To do so, click the Upload CSV File button, then select the file.
  6. On the following page, you’ll have an opportunity to select the CSV Fields that you wish to import into Accelo. This way, if certain fields contain no data or aren’t as critical for the import, they can be ignored.

    To choose the Fields you wish to bring into Accelo, simply drag and drop them into the Project section.

    Import Project 2
  7. Repeat the same drag-and-drop process for the Company Name (into the Company section) as well as the Company Contacts (into the Contact section).
  8. When all the Fields you wish to import have been dragged over, click Next.
  9. On the Project Fields screen, you can ensure the fields in Accelo will contain similar terminology as the primary fields from the CSV. Simply click the dropdowns next to each CSV field to select a corresponding field when the import is complete.

    Project Fields
  10. When complete, click Next.
  11. On the following page, you will have the opportunity to choose your Matching & Merge options:
    1. Matching Project: Matching on Accelo Project ID already. You can choose from any number of fields to be used to find an existing Project if no Accelo ID is found.
    2. Matching Company: Find an existing company if the imported data exactly matches all of the chosen fields.
    3. Matching Contact: Find an existing contact if the imported data exactly matches all of the chosen fields.
  12. Here, you can also choose the action to be taken when a match is found:
    1. Do nothing – Skip: Ignores the match
    2. Do not overwrite – Only update empty fields: If a match is found, only empty fields will be filled in
    3. Overwrite – Update all fields: If a match is found, completely overwrite the match with the newly-imported data.
  13. Also, you can choose options when multiple matches are found:
    1. Match most recently created
    2. Match first created
    3. Match most recently edited
  14. On the Mandatory & Manual Fields page, select a Fallback Value for any required fields.

    NOTE: A Fallback Value is the value that will be set on import when there is no value found in the provided CSV.
  15. Click Next.
  16. Finally, you will be able to see a preview of all of the Project Plan fields being imported into Accelo. If everything looks good, click the Complete button.

    Complete button4




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